Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment Services

Under Papasay Management Limited Partnership (PMLP), Papasay has three (3) pieces of heavy equipment that it utilizes for road maintenance and use at the Sawmill. The heavy equipment is regularly maintained and properly stored in order to ensure they run well and are ready when needed.

In order to prepare its members, BNA put on Heavy Equipment Training for its members. In 2014 and again in 2015, Bingwi Neyaashi held two separate Heavy Equipment Operator Training Courses on its reserve land through a partnership with the Confederation College. A total of 14 BNA members received their Heavy Equipment Operator certification over the course of the two years of training. As their in-the-field portion of this training, the members worked on fixing culverts and minor ditching on the BNA access road, as well as putting work into the road into the BNA pit.

PMLP also recently acquired a portable welding machine, which it is able to utilize for equipment and community maintenance.

Heavy Equipment Available

  • Backhoe (John Deere, 310SG)
  • Bulldozer (Cat, D3C)
  • Grader (Volvo, 2004, with snow wing and masts)

PMLP is in the process of looking for a new front-end loader, for which Papasay can utilize for use at the Sawmill, and in its new aggregate pit.

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